SNIPER T3E ID - Mounted pipe beveling machine

SNIPER  T3E ID - Mounted pipe beveling machine
  • SNIPER  T3E ID - Mounted pipe beveling machine


  • Working Range: Ø28-76 mm.
  • Wall Thickness: ≤15 mm.
  • Power: 1.43 kw.
  • Rotation: 53 rpm.
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T series is a popular i/d locking , in-line feed end prep machines. With the light-weight , and 4 jaws tool holder designing , T series can be easily used in on-site working by performing accurate repetitive work. Its size , power , and functionality , make it extremely popular in high volume boiler repair and maintenance work , tube facing , weld removal,  and J-Prepping of the tube plates and panels.


  • Cold cutting , without influence the material of the pipe.
  • ID mounted , adopt T structure.
  • Varity of beveling shape : U , Single-V , double-V,J beveling.
  • It can also be used for  repairing inner wall and deep hole processing.
  • Working range : 12.5 - 330 mm.
  • Driven motor : Pneumatic and Electric.
  • Customized machine is acceptable.

Technical Parameters:

Electric : Overtone motor drive , power 110V or 220V optionl , Customized machine is acceptable.

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