SNIPER Bandsaw Cutting Machine GX4028X

SNIPER Bandsaw Cutting Machine GX4028X
  • SNIPER Bandsaw Cutting Machine GX4028X


  • Cutting Capacity: 0° 300mm for Round shape, 300x350 for square shape 45° 240mm 240x130mm
  • Work Piece Clamping: Hydraulic Vise
  • Material Feed: Manual
  • Blade Tension: Manual 
  • Blade Speed: 22/35/50/75 m./min.
  • Main Motor: 2.2 kw.
  • Main Drive: Worm Wheel Drive
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  • Automatic angle positioning in 1° increments from 0° to 45°.
  • Hydraulic bundle vise for both vises included with standard equipment.
  • Precise and stable saw band guides ensure high angular accuracy.
  • Automatic band breakage control.


Model No.GX4028X
Technical DataCutting capacity(mm)0°    300mm for Round shape, 300*350 for square shape 45°    240mm 240*130mm
Blade speed(m/min)22/35/50/75
Blade size(mm)34×1.1×3700
Main Motor(kw)2.2
Hydraulic Motor(kw)0.55
Coolant Pump(kw)0.06
Work piece ClampingHydraulic Vise
Blade TensionManual
Main DriveWorm wheel drive
Material feedManual
Machine size1950×1500×1400mm
Machine weight720kg
Standard EquipmentBlade cleaning brushYES
Working lightYES
One piece of bi-metal saw bladeYES
One set of tools with tool boxYES
Operation manualYES
Roller rackYES
Saw frame height selector gaugeYES

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