CNC Gantry Flame & Plasma Cutting SEG-3080

CNC Gantry Flame & Plasma Cutting SEG-3080
  • CNC Gantry Flame & Plasma Cutting SEG-3080


  • Effective Cutting Area: 3000 x 8000 mm.
  • One Plasma Lifting Station
  • One Flame Lifiting Station
  • Torch High control
  • Cutting Type: Flame & Plasma
  • Cutting Speed: 4000 mm./min.
  • Cutting Thickness: 6 - 200 mm. by (Oxy-Fuel)
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SNIPER SEG-3080 CNC Gantry Type Cutting Machine is featured with excellent functions, such as, auto ignition, auto torch-lifter, auto slotting, kerf compensation, auto cutting, re-cut and dynamic tracking show ect.

Our machine runs smooth, and its cutting direction is precise. The gears and racks transmit seamlessly, which make the machining process precise.

The human-based interface is well designed to be easy to operate—programming, files transfer and cutting process are all controlled by computer.

The auto programming and nesting software can directly convert CAD/CAXA drawings into G-code for processing, which make it able to reduce scrap and secondary process, so as to make full use of the material.

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